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Molecule Man

This is the heart of Berlin

With a coffee in hand, walking between lifestyle and harsh atmospheres! A very special big-city flair

Friedrichshain is on the cusp of central Berlin. It’s a young, upbeat, trendy district that generally attracts young entrepreneurs, and creative individuals from the fields of design, new media, and advertising. Bang in the middle of it all is the Hotel 26.

An eclectic array of bars and restaurants has sprung up round Boxhagener Platz (a green square with a playground in the middle of it) that caters to every taste.

Friedrichshain also has a lot to offer the party-going public. Of particular renown are the clubs Spindler & Klatt and the WMF in the Café Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34.
Those interested in the history of Berlin should pay a visit to the East Side Gallery on the banks of the River Spree. Here you can look at an original piece of the Berlin Wall. In the summer, a fake beach has also been set up behind it, complete with yellow sand, beach chairs and tropical cocktail-laced nights.

If you have any questions on the sights and sounds of Friedrichshain and Berlin, our staff at reception are always happy to help.